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Apr. 28th, 2011



So, update time I suppose.

Last weekend an old friend was in town, so we caught up and I met some nice local furs I hadn't in the process. Had dinner at a nice European hole-in-the-wall place before seeing the Big Cats movie (so cute btw.)
Met up and had dinner again on Sunday, which was a feat since almost everywhere was closed.
Was nice, had fun.

I canceled my AC trip due to an inability to come up with all the funds for the inflated airfare. Wound up giving my room reservation to one Kodi-pup. Didn't realize it at the time but he happens to be a suit maker. As a thank you to me he's offered to work with me on a suit. SOOOO, in a month or two, after all the vehicles are re-registered (expensive out here) I'll have him start on it. Which means later this year I'll FINALLY have my very own fursuit. Needless to say, I'm damn near giddy whenever I think about it. This is something I've wanted from the moment I learned about them, probably going on 5+ years now.
Depending on when it get's finished (which may depend as much on how quickly I can pay him), I'll have to decide on a con to go to. FC would be nice since we can drive there, I doubt I'd have it in time for RMFC or RF.

Besides that, I've taken to riding the Ninja again. Been doing so with friends which makes me feel much safer and, thus, less nervous. As such I'm confident enough that, if the weather ever cooperates, I'll probably start riding it to work. It's fun, and the 40+ mpg is a good bonus :P

Not much else going on at the moment. Hoping my friend in Missouri is ok with all this crap in the SE recently. Classes end today with finals next week. Which means much more free-time for me.
Hopefully in the next few weeks my roomate's financial issues will be resolved and he'll be contributing more for rent, so I'll have more for fun.

And with that, I'll call this done for now.

Mar. 28th, 2011


On Politics and media.

I've never really been one to care about political affiliations. I don't consider myself anything in particular, never have.
But lately, reading more politics related news is making me want to punch most Republicans in the face. Well to be fair, it's any of these "conservative" politicians really. It just seems that Re-republicans are the majority in that case.

There are seriously more important things for the government to be worrying about right now than what it seems much of the focus is on. Yet again, they cry and cry about all the injustice and how they'll fix it all when elected, then do nothing. Everyone says they hate Obama because he caused all these problems, which is false anyways (economies don't tank this bad with 2 years of fairly minor changes).

Point is, the more I read news and such the more it makes me wish I could kick these idiots out for a crop of people under 40 that have some clue what it's like in the current world and who actually listen to constituents. Not these old farts, stuck in the past and thinking they know exactly what the thousands of people they represent think (when they REALLY don't usually).

Of course, I'm trying to take much of what I read with a 'grain of salt', knowing full well how biased most of the articles must be. But I guess that's the real problem with reading from sites that are at least biased in the same manner as me. I want the stories to be as bad as it seems. At the same time, reading an article biased against mine is grating at best. Despite my best efforts to treat anything read or seen at face-value, I find it increasingly difficult to do so regarding some issues.

Anyways, just felt like ranting for a bit, return to ignoring me now :P

Mar. 14th, 2011


Life, Cars, things and stuff

OK, sooo, turns out the Feds owed me more money than I thought. As a result I'm finally able to replace/upgrade my clutch and flywheel.

I'm glad to finally get it done, I'm not sure the current one was gonna last through the summer to be honest.

But now I'm stuck with a dilemma: Once I finish off the loan I took to help Dark pay for his car I can then get a new one for my turbo, or I can go for a mortgage loan and buy us a house (which would likely cost me less than our current rent).

I want both, a lot. But I just don't know yet. Maybe I'll wait till I have more things paid off (CC, Truck Loan, Car Loan) to decide.

In other news, I got a bit of a raise ^_^ Our boss here in SLC managed to convince our tightfisted CEO in St Louis that most of us deserve something. I guess there haven't been any pay raises here in several years. It's not much, ~$100/mo or so. But It's something at least and that's more than I really expected with the way things are now.

Other than that, it's starting to warm up so I might have to start walking the dog again, we're both putting on too much weight >_>
Back to work I guess.

(PS; I need/want a new avatar: a headshot w/ a racing helmet, clear visor and ears sticking out.)

Feb. 14th, 2011

Aki Tiger

On politics.

I rarely, if ever, pay any real mind to politics. One of the few subjects I do care about tends to be spoken of mostly in whispers: Gay Rights.

We all know about all the marriage laws going the rounds. Seems like everyday another state is trying to pass some law about it, pro or con.

But a bill introduced into the US House of Reps last week has me pissed right now.
H.R. 635, the “Parental Title Protection Act,” is essentially a blatantly discriminatory bill aimed at preventing same-sex couples from being legally recognized as parents.

From his own page this person basically states that allowing same-sex couples to fill out legal documents is undermining families and values.

My question is this: If 'traditional' families are so wholesome and wonderful, why is there so much abuse? Rather that try to screw over loving parents that genuinely care for their children, how bout focusing on protecting children from their abusive 'traditional' parents?
Oh, that's right, because being gay is apparently more evil than beating a defenseless child within an inch of his/her life. Because love between two men or women is more morally reprehensible than abandoning a child in an alleyway.

Honestly, this bill is, at best, extremely discriminatory, at worst, a thinly veiled attempt to define marriage in a round-about way as well as being discriminatory.

I've already written my Representative to urge him to oppose this bill. Whether it'll do any good, I don't know. I can only hope that it makes some impact.

Feb. 3rd, 2011

Aki Tiger

Things and stuff

Seems like forever since I posted. Oh well.

As to current things and stuff, not a whole lot. I wound up only taking two classes this semester due to being too late to sign up. Probably a good thing though, I feel as though I just barely have time for these (and one's even online). I honestly don't know how anyone could work full time and be taking 4-5 classes at the same time.
That aside, the classes are Statics and an intro course (Matlab, ugh). So far statics is going great. The matlab course is online and there really hasn't been much besides homework involved.

In non-school-related life, I got the room reserved for AC. A single since we don't currently have plans to share. They sold out one entire hotel and all the doubles in another within about an hour. I already have the money for my ticket set aside, Dark's will probably be set aside from his tax refund (which I'm still waiting for my W2 to do mine).

Anyways, back to work I suppose.

Jan. 4th, 2011


Christmas and a new year

Time for the obligatory post(s) about xmas and new years I suppose.

Xmas was fun this year. Not only was it nice to finally be with my wuff for it, our trip was a good one.
We drove up to Sun Valley on the 23rd, not a bad drive, mostly highway. There were a lot of really dense fog patches though. After about 5 hours we pulled up to the condo and started hauling stuff in. Set up a little tree we borrowed from Chris' mom and sat down to relax a bit. In the middle of the living room floor sat two brand new (still wrapped) snowboards with nearly new bindings.
My brother, once things were settled, started assembling and talking about this and that with them. Chris mentioned something about them still being wrapped and my brother casually says "yeah, they're yours. You're taking them home." Me and Chris looked at each other with the real O_O expression.

Anyways, we decide that my brother'll be on the big mountain for the morning but then he'll come back for lunch and we'll go try out the boards while he coaches us on the smaller mountain. Meanwhile my parents mostly just go tubing that day.
I tell ya, learning to snowboard is not as easy as you'd think. Just getting on your feet is a pain at first. But we both managed and by the end of the first day we were sore, but had great fun and made good progress.

That night (xmas eve), we went to a production of "Nutcracker on Ice" that was put on by locals. Was entertaining, except for the fact it was outside and we were mostly frozen by the end of it. Apparently an Olympic gold medalist was in town and agreed to skate at the end as well.

After dinner we opened presents (mostly cards, given the traveling). My aunts bought me a new digital camera together, parents were mostly money. Mom, not wanting there to be NO gifts to open, got us all new base-layer shirts (very warm).
We didn't do much on xmas day really, most stuff was closed or too busy to bother with.
The day after, my bday, we all went back out for a half day. This time my brother spent most of the time helping to teach my parents to ski while me and Chris did our own things. Which, in my case, included taking out part of the fence around the tube area >_>

So, after that was a dip in the pool. Which has 100°F water and is walled in, but no roof. So we're toasty in the water but there's snow falling on our heads (well, water by then, but still). Oddly, the designers of the locker room decided that there should be mirrors on most surfaces of where people change. I didn't mind much, of course, hehe.
Then came dinner, we were treated to the carolers (like professionals) stopping in for a few songs. And my brother had the waiter bring a candle... which was stuck in my steak and lit for me to blow out, lol.

We drove home on the 27th, clear and mostly smooth all the way home, some snowy patches though.

I really didn't do anything for New Year's. Just continued relaxing and playing games while I could.
I'm hoping to go to one of the resorts here this coming Sat. My roomie supposedly knows someone that works there so might get cheap tickets :P

And that was my holiday, now I'm back to being bored at work and getting too little sleep.

Dec. 15th, 2010



So, is it weird that I actually dislike payday?
I mean, yeah, money, woo. But I feel like my money is that friend that you love dearly and wanna hang out with... but who's always just too busy anymore. It always gets me depressed.
On top of that is an ongoing sense of loneliness and detachment from everything. I dunno really, and I don't mean to post here mostly when I'm all blah, just helps a bit.

Besides that crap, nothing overly exciting.
Got my Priest to 85, working on the mage. Not sure what'll be after that.
Been playing Eve online recently too, but at the moment I'm a bit afraid to venture out much since two corps randomly decided to declare war on us.

Me and the wuff will be heading up to Idaho on the 23rd, kinda torn on that. I mean, yeah it'll be nice to see family, but I don't want it to feel awkward because of Chris. I'm happy I get to spend xmas with him, for sure. We'll see how it goes. Gotta get some snowboard boots this week though.

Then I get the rest of that week as forced vacation (company shut down), which I think will be a good thing maybe.

So, that's my world in a nutshell for now, laters all.

Dec. 1st, 2010

Tiger eyes

Wikileaks fallout (rantish)

I'm as much about keeping some things secret as the next person. But there are limits. People in public office are meant to be observed and criticized.
If they make a comment in any official capacity, why shouldn't those it affects be made aware? Yes, I understand that in some cases that secrecy should be upheld (mostly in terms of strategic planning), but how many actually sensitive documents were in this whole debacle?

The fact is, the founder of Wikileaks did little more than any Journalist would. He had a source which provided all these documents somehow and all he did was expose them to the world.
How is that so much different than CNN obtaining, say, court evidence that was supposed to be withheld from the public?
If the politicians didn't want any of this crap to ever come out, they shouldn't have had it on record. First rule of secrecy: if there's a record, it's not secret forever. They're really all up in arms because now they've all got egg on their face. If this were thousands of documents of secret celebrity affairs and slanders no one would care.

There's a political impact, sure, but given the economics of the times, does anyone really think a country is going to cut ties over a little trash talk behind closed doors? Yeah, some people are gonna be pissed, but most simply won't be able to afford to do anything about it so it'll all just fade off eventually.

This whole "he's a terrorist! he should be executed! rabble rabble!" crap needs to stop. Unless politicians are willing to call all journalists who have ever exposed unpleasant truths terrorists, they need to shut the fuck up.

Nov. 29th, 2010


woo snow!

For those that don't pay attention to weather past your neighborhood, it snowed a metric fuckton here over the weekend.
In downtown SLC (at my house) we got 7-9" depending on where you measure it. Needless to say, a Tiburon doesn't much care for such things. Certainly makes me more alert having to drive to work with most roads still nasty.
This particular storm has racked up 300+ accidents (mostly just property damage).

In other news, I got myself a new phone finally. Called up AT&T to see about switching away from them and found out that I was able to get a Samsung Captivate for $50 as an upgrade. It's a really nice phone, Android, 5MP camera/video, plenty of memory (plus miniSD expandable). So far the battery life is a little meh, but I've been playing around with it a lot, besides, I don't have any problems with charging it each night if need be.

Still playing around with apps and all that good stuff. But it's a lot nicer than my old one, that's for sure.

Thanksgiving went off pretty well. The turkey was hella juicy, and delicious. Minor hiccup on the rolls but they were alright and because the turkey cooked a lot faster than I expected I didn't have a chance to make stuffing.

Everyone loves my mom's fudge though, which I hadn't made since moving out here.
Not too bad for my first time COOKING thanksgiving.

Nov. 23rd, 2010


OMG Another post?!

Heh, yeah, just been in more of a posting mood lately I suppose.

First off, looks like I'm going to try my paw at cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for me and the wuff. Apparently his grandpa thinks I didn't thank him/whoever for last years dinner (though I know I did) and takes offense at that. Because of that he's essentially said I'm not welcome which has made the Wuff and his parents not want to go either really.
I've kinda wanted to do this anyways. Ought to be fun :P

Secondly, I'm about ready to throw my phone off a cliff. It's been randomly restarting and shutting off for a couple days. This morning my alarm didn't go off because tho phone turned itself off. Lucky for me I essentially have an internal alarm clock most weekdays.
I'm looking at getting the HTC Evo 4G + plan package from sprint. I just have to make sure I can afford the initial $300 ($100 of which I get back). Probably take care of that either next month or Jan.

Hmmr, third... well I guess there isn't much of a third. Just the same old same old really. Winter arrived with a vengeance this week, supposed to hit -1 as a low Wed. night with a high around 20 on Thursday, and snow (woot!).

Back to 'work' for me then.

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